Heartwarming Osso Buco for a Wintry Night

There are many kinds of stews, but they all have something in common–a hearty appeal! Stews build upon a robust tasting broth often thickened with potatoes or a starchy root vegetable, then slowly braised so that the meat literally falls off the bones (yes, by all means, include bones or the very least use them…


A Feel Good Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe

Ask anyone how they like their gnocchi and you will get a rousing smile billow from their lips and proclaim–light, and pillowy soft, of course! Gnocchi is Italian for “lump” or “dumpling” made with potatoes and flour. Gnocchi is made by combining milled potato and flour with egg yolk to help bind the dough together….

Uplifting Winter Bolognese Sauce with Pappardelle

The cold wintry nights and endless sunless months are challenging to even the native Seattleites.  Eating the right kinds of food and adding the right activities can make people less susceptible to SAD. This recipe can bring anyone out of a rut, and the taste alone can comfort even in the blistering of winters. The kitchen will…