Paella con Socarrat

Best Paella Valenciana con Socarrat

Tinolang Manok– The Pilipino recipe-Malinamnam!

The French call it mirepoix, the Italians– soffrito, and Filipinos exclaim: “Pang Tinola!” comprised of ginger, garlic, and onion. This trio of ingredients provides an exceptional taste to the broth, especially when a whole chicken is cooked in a slow simmer to exude its natural juices.My grandmother touts this soup as an immune system booster….

Mongolian chicken flavored with 15 spices–a pick-me-up recipe!

This redolent chicken dish was called ‘special chicken’ in a Mongolian restaurant. We had to order it as it was the last dish available for the evening. Impressed by the flavors, I asked our waitperson, “What did you put in the chicken to make it so flavorful?” She replied that she could not disclose the…

Potatoes Fondant–buttery, creaminess that melts in your mouth!

A recipe to keep in your memory that’s easy to prepare, this delicious potato dish is sure to add a little bit more pizzazz to your meal. It takes the crispy french fries and buttery mashed potatoes and meld it into one–Potato Fondant. The word “fondant” means melting in French. Perhaps it may be the…