A Rhapsody in Thai Mussels Syʀpʀiz

Champagne with exotic floral and herbaceous notes make this broth so inviting and delicious!


Uplifting Winter Bolognese Sauce with Pappardelle

The cold wintry nights and endless sunless months are challenging to even the native Seattleites.  Eating the right kinds of food and adding the right activities can make people less susceptible to SAD. This recipe can bring anyone out of a rut, and the taste alone can comfort even in the blistering of winters. The kitchen will…

Inutak ~a dessert from Pateros~

This is a childhood favorite and hails from Pateros, Philippines. My grandmother would buy this merienda from a lady who would come with her salakot to protect her from the midday sun. Resting at her waist, a flat bamboo carrier covered with banana leaves to keep the Inutak warm and moist. When she uncovered the banana leaves,…